Monthly Coaching Workshop

Monthly Coaching Workshops are run on the first Tuesday of the month. Our coaches will take it in turns to deliver one or two key skills that most climbers could do with improving. Example subjects could be…. confidence on overhangs, dead points, tactics, how to self coach technique, endurance training and anything else that the guys fancy teaching.

The sessions are relatively informal with a max of 12 participants. Normally run from 7 to 8.30pm (see the posters in the centre for details of the next session).

When: First Tuesday of the month
How much? £5 plus normal entry price
Pre-booking recommended


The Coaching Package

No two climbers are ever the same and our experienced coaches run sessions to suit the needs of the climber they see before them. Our sessions are 2 hours long for a 1-1 session, and the coach will email a write-up after the end of the session. This can be anything from a tailor made fitness and training plan, to a follow up of what was covered in the session with hints and tips for how to progress over the next month or so. All of this for only £75 for a 1-1 session.

How to book? Please give us a call or come and chat to us at reception

What does coaching do?

The list is long, this is what we expect when you see a Redpoint Coach:

  • Help you understand and realise your goals
  • Help you to plan to reach your goals in the quickest time possible
  • Inspire, motivate and encourage you to be the best you can be
  • Bring awareness to your weaknesses and provide you with the tools to fix them for yourself
  • Give you the training structure you need for improvement
  • Allow you to see things in a new light, and consider things you may never have noticed

Who are our Redpoint Coaches?

Our coaches firstly must be incredible human beings. People who have had lots of time and experience teaching in the climbing industry and are able to understand and communicate effectively with everyone.
Our coaches have trained and coached themselves to a good standard and must be comfortable at climbing f7a as a minimum.
Many of our coaches have attended additional coaching courses, and they also bring with them additional unique skill sets.

See below to find the Coach that you think will work best for you:

A Little bit about myself

• Climbing since around 2006
• Teaching a range of adventurous activities since 2009
• Attended various climbing and coaching courses
• Trained and assessed NLP practitioner
• Studies Compassionate communication
• A very smiley and friendly chap

Any particular or unique strengths?

My special area of interest is on the psychology of people and of climbing. I am known for working with people to improve mental performance. Whether that’s addressing self confidence in the climbing wall or fine tuning the head for high performance lead climbing

Top Climbing Accomplishments

30+ clean outdoor routes 7b – 7c on the lead

Climbing a coastal E4 calm, collected, fluid and adrenaline free

Not completing my 7c+ project on a Spanish trip, but knowing I’d given it my absolute focus and effort over several days

Favourite Climbing Moments

Delicious crag food with good friends in the sunshine, often followed by a nap

Being in the ‘flow state’ when your body and mind are completely in tune with the rock and every single movement is as perfect as it can be. A rare moment

Fighting with every fibre of my being to stay on the rock when the body wants to let go. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Either way, trying hard feels great

Watching friends or clients achieve what they once believed was impossible

A little bit about myself

• Climbing since around 1995

• Coaching / Instructing inside and out since 2000

• Provider of national award schemes

Any particular or unique strengths?

Sport redpointing is currently my favourite style of climbing. I love showing people how to break down a route into perfect chunks and piece them together.

Top Climbing Accomplishments

Recently climbed my first 8a+ in Oliana, Catalunya

“Get some in” (E5 6a) Pembroke amoung other great Trad routes

Lotus Flower Tower, North West Territories, Canada (a big alpine route)

Favourite Climbing Moments

When months of training come together in one perfect execution.

A little bit about myself

• I started climbing in 2005 and since then have climbed all over Europe (and soon the USA!!).

• Climbing outside for me is usually on traditionally protected rock climbs, though I have also climbed up to f7c on sport routes, bouldered up to V9 and onsighted up to VII on Scottish mixed.

• I’m the route setting manager at Redpoint. I set routes around the centre and sometimes elsewhere a couple of times a week.

• This year I aim to spend lots of time at Pembroke and try to onsight a bunch of the classic e4/5’s.

Any Particular or Unique Strengths?

I guess my strength is route reading and sequencing. Undoubtedly this comes from many many hours spent route setting and considering sequences as my job.

Specialist heel-hooker.

Top Climbing Accomplishments

1. Legitimately using an upside-down toe hook halfway up a route on a Cornish sea cliff.

2. Falling off the last move of a Lakes E7.

3. Putting up a bunch of new ice and mixed routes in northern Norway during the 2014 winter.

Favourite Climbing Moments

• Overcoming my mind and climbing a route that I had ground-fallen off 5 years previous, nervously but solidly.

• On the same day, climbing the route that I had aspired to from the first time I’d climbed outside (at that same crag). ‘The Exorcist’ E4 5c.

A little bit about myself

• Climbing since around 1993

• Bouldering since 2004

• Instructing since 2014

Any particular or unique strengths?

Bouldering is my first love. I find the sense accomplishment of working and finally solving a problem hugely satisfying. I particularly enjoy helping those with different strengths or weaknesses to mine solve a problem in their own style

Top climbing accomplishments

Achieving all my goals and completing all outstanding projects during my last trip to Fontainebleau

Snowden 14 peaks in 20hrs

My first winter scramble up Tryfan North Ridge. Not a difficult day but will always remain one of my favorite Mountain days.

Favorite Climbing moments

The weird and wonderful people you meet and how even strangers can become close friends when your’re working problems together.