So you want to lead? Well there is a lot to learn! There is a massive leap in skills from top-roping to leading and it is obviously a skill best NOT learnt by trial and error! However, once mastered you will wonder how you were ever satisfied as a top-roper.

Lead Climbing courses at Redpoint are run by our most experienced instructors who will cover, as a minimum:

– Advanced basics (knots, etc)

– Risk Awareness

– Clipping Technique

– Lead Belaying

– Taking and catching falls

Prerequisites? You must be a competent top-rope belayer, able to climb 5+.

How long?  2 x 2.5hour sessions

When? Please contact us to arrange a convenient time for you and your partner

Group size? Lead courses are best booked in pairs. If you do not have a partner to book with contact us, we will try out best to put you in contact with other people wishing to learn to lead.

Cost? £80 per person, prepayment is required to confirm the booking.

What’s included? Entry, equipment and instruction

How to book- Please call 0117 3322 222 or contact