If you are on the GB Team then we are happy to support you with free climbing at our walls.

However, in order to make sure everything runs smoothly at reception and during your session, their are some things you have to do.


1: You must apply for free climbing before you arrive. 


2: If you arrive at the desk and have not set this up you will need to pay. We do not allow receptionists or Duty Managers to negociate free climbing. You must apply using the system above before you arrive.


3: Code of Conduct

*we do reserve the right to remove this free climbing deal for individuals or groups at any time.

Lockdown 3.0

Bristol (along side the rest of the UK) is in Lockdown. This means we have had to close our doors once more. 

If you have a booking with us we will be in touch very soon to offer you a voucher / refund. 

If you have a membership with us we will also be in touch by email to ask you what to do with your fees over the next couple of months.

If you want to support us, click here

(some free ways to help and / or you can donate £££ if you are able).