Kids Parties

kinds climbing session

At Redpoint we run fantastic kids birthday parties! We have a team of enthusiastic instructors ready to entertain and thrill your child and their friends with games and activities. Our priority is always on the safety of the children but also focus on running inclusive and fun sessions no matter the ability or experience of the group. To enable the best time for your kids we keep our ratios low at 1:4 as this means that they get more climbing done and more from their time at Redpoint.

How Long?   1 hour

How much?

£40 per instructor per hour, plus £5 per participant

Instructor ratio?   4:1


Booking your party is easy, just call us up and we will find you a slot

0117 33 22 222

After Party / Food

We can offer your party a party room (depending on availability) for £10, and we can fully cater from our awesome café if you fancied for an extra £5 per person.

If you have any questions or you would like further information about our Kids Parties please email or call to speak to a friendly member of staff.