Not Available At The Moment

We are very sorry but for now this session is not available.

We will start it up again as soon as we can work out how to do it safely.

Boulder Club

Not a fan of roped climbing but still want to climb? Try our Boulder Club! This session focuses on bouldering, low level climbing above crash mats without ropes, and will teach participants to become safe and skilful boulder climbers.

The Facts:

  • Instructor Ratio – 6:1
  • How Long? – 1.5 hours
  • How Much? – £12.50 per session
  • When? – Sundays at 17.15 to 18.45

What we need:

For each participant we will need a Parental Consent Form. This can be filled out prior to the first visit.

How to book – Click the ‘BOOK NOW’ buttons on this page, or for any other information please call us on 0117 332 2222.


We will open up in phases as follows.

27th July Onwards: All adult climbers (must be pre-booked: members can book 7 days in advance, all others get 72hrs)

3rd August: Supervised children allowed (again with pre-booking)

There will be a lot of changes to make sure we can keep you all safe. Check the Re-Opening page to see ALL the adjustments.

Most important is to make sure you BOOK ONLINE before arrival!!!

We will open up our online booking system one week before opening. 

We can’t wait to see you again!