Due to current COVID restrictions we have reduced our instructing programme. Please view our booking page to see which sessions are available.


Kids Holidays Program Overview

In the holidays Redpoint Bristol runs a mix of sessions to suit children of all abilities, aged 4 years & up.

Below you will find info on:

Little Monkeys (One-Off, 4-7yrs)

Crazy Climb (One-Off, 6yrs+)

Rock Monkeys (One-Off, 7-17yrs)

We can also provide private lessons if these are not right for you.

Holiday Little Monkeys (4-7yrs)

In the holidays we run loads of sessions ideal for children from 4yrs to 7yrs old.

We focus on having loads of fun while learning balance and building confidence on our walls.

The kids are taken into the main climbing wall in small groups with a dedicated instructor.

We will play some games, harness them up, tie them in and keep them safe while they climb as high as they like up our walls.

For more info or to book click the buttons below.


Holiday Crazy Climb (6yrs +)

We have Crazy Climb sessions running every weekend through the year.

But in the holidays we run them ALL THE TIME!

These are great fun sessions for all the family.

The walls are 10+ meters high and have challenges from teetering up the towers to scaling volcanoes.

Open sessions running every day. Click the buttons below for more info and to book your slot.

Holiday Rock Monkeys (7-17yrs)

In the holidays we run Rock Monkey Individual sessions so that our regular kids can get their fix, or newbees can come and try climbing for the first time.

Rock Monkeys can be anywhere from 7 to 17yrs old (but we recommend Redpoint Youth for teenagers).

No experience necessary to join these sessions.

The focus is on having fun but we will also be drip feeding in skills such as tying knots and movement techniques throughout the session.

This is great as a one-off session or to see if you are keen to join the club more long term.


Lockdown 3.0

Bristol (along side the rest of the UK) is in Lockdown. This means we have had to close our doors once more. 

If you have a booking with us we will be in touch very soon to offer you a voucher / refund. 

If you have a membership with us we will also be in touch by email to ask you what to do with your fees over the next couple of months.

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