How much are the NICAS books?

There are 2 books in total and you can buy them from Reception.

Level 1-3 is £7.50
Level 4–5 is £7.50

Do I have to commit to booking in for a whole term?

We realise that the commitment to a 6 or 7 week course isn’t for everyone. There is however the option to book into Rock Monkey Individual sessions and we can run NICAS through these. If you would like some private tuition then you can also book in with an instructor, please call 0117 33 22 222 and we will help you out over the phone

My child has lost their NICAS book, do they need to start again?

We ask that they begin the level they are on from the beginning. It won’t take long at all to demonstrate the skills they have already done, and it is a good way to ensure they are still fully competent. A new NICAS book will need to be purchased from our reception though.

My child has done some climbing before and would like to skip NICAS 1-2 can they do this?

If a child hasn’t gone through the NICAS process before, we would like for them to book into the level 1-2 sessions and work their way through the scheme. This ensures that we can fill in any gaps that may have been missed out, and that best-practice is encouraged from the very grass-roots of climbing.

If a child has passed through their level 2 NICAS from another climbing wall then please contact us on 0117 33 22 222 and we will find a way to ensure that your child is placed into the relevant group.

We can’t attend the whole term, can we pay a little less and do most of the sessions?

Unfortunately not. The sessions must be paid for at the start of the term. We can’t provide credit, or refunds or move people to different sessions once the term has started.

My Child hasn’t had a box ticked in their NICAS book for a while what can be done about this?

For each NICAS level the candidate has to demonstrate competence in specific skills, as each level increases so to does the time spent to ensure a foundation of competence, sometimes candidates have shown an understanding of a skill however they have yet to fully master it in many different environments. we will provide the necessary feedback that it will take for them to have their box ticked.
Our sessions are designed to develop strong and happy climbers, we will occasionally deviate from the syllabus to provide valuable experience that is not directly within NICAS.
Our Instructors will always be willing to suggest specific steps that are needed to meet a goal, if there is something that your child would like to work towards then let the instructor know and they can help.

My Child has only a few more ticks to go before they reach the next level. Do they need to book into the same level for the term?

Yes they do. Once they have fully completed their book they can spend the remaining sessions practising the skills they have worked hard to achieve. Time spent consolidating is very valuable and will serve to give them a head start when they begin the next group. Our Instructors will work to ensure that your child is given the tools to further develop their skills during these sessions.

My Child is unhappy with the group that they are in.

It is very important to us that we have happy climbers please send us an email to info@redpointbristol.co.uk with a little bit of information and the best way to contact you, we will contact you asap and listen and do what we can to provide a more happy environment.

What is level 3+?

Level 3+ is a syllabus unique to Redpoint we have found that many of our monkeys simply need a lot more time developing their skills before they are ready for lead climbing. Lead climbing also requires a lot of focus on physical strength as well as stamina. When a candidate has completed their level 3 plus they will have had to have pushed themselves to a level where they will feel truly confident to begin lead climbing. It is an exciting syllabus and will keep even the keenest climber working hard for a long time.
More information about level 3+ can be found here, and the syllabus can be found Level 3+ syllabus here.

My Child has already started working towards their level 4 with you. Do they have to join a level 3 group and work towards their level 3+?

Yes. There are a few exceptions where candidates have the required attributes and we will contact these people individually. Level 3+ should be completed first because it builds up the skills and physical abilities required for level 4. The new Rock Monkeys 4 is an intense course and we need to make sure that every person who joins it is definitely ready. Some of our current Advanced Monkeys have experienced some Lead Climbing even so we require them to take the 3+ syllabus to prepare for Rock Monkeys 4

Where has Advanced Monkeys Gone?

Advanced Monkeys was great and helped our keen climbers to achieve so much, but it was starting to suffer from an identity crisis. Now we have level 3+ to guide those awesome climbers towards getting ready for the level 4 group, and level 4 specially for those few who are fully ready for all that lead climbing has to offer.

Where can I find climbing videos for level 3 NICAS?

They are on our new website and can be found by clicking on the NICAS page.

Does my child have to take part in NICAS?

To begin our Rock Monkeys 1-2 you will need to purchase a book from Reception and work through the syllabus. However they can also join our Kids Taster sessions and take part in climbing on a casual basis, or even book into private lessons and focus on whatever they like with their very own instructor.

Does my child have to bring their NICAS book in every time they visit?

They don’t have to; however we will be unable to sign books retrospectively. So if you want to have boxes signed then bring your book to every session just in case. If you want to have a few chilled out sessions without the feeling of extra pressure then leave your book at home.

I have some further questions about the NICAS scheme.

You should be able to find what you are looking for on the NICAS Website If you are still left puzzled give us a ring on 0117 33 22 222 or speak to a member of our staff next time you are at Redpoint