Rock Monkeys 3&3+

For those who have completed their level 2 NICAS.
Rock Monkeys 3 is all about becoming a skilled rock climber. We expect our candidates who are working towards their level 3 to be safe, self-motivated and competent at basic climbing skills.

Once a student has completed their level 3 NICAS they will take on Level 3+. This is unique to Redpoint Bristol and it is designed to ensure they have all the experience and skills they need to take on the high demands involved in the lead climbing that takes place during NICAS level 4.

How Much? £12 per session (number of weeks, therefore price per term may vary). Please note these sessions are fixed once booked and are non refundable or transferable.

Instructor ratio? 1:6

Estimated completion time – There is a lot to cover in this course and it may take a year or even more to fully complete it.

Some of the skills that will be covered:

  • Learning a variety of climbing moves and styles and when to use them
  • Plenty of time in the bouldering rooms
  • Learning different climbing knots and when to use them
  • Increasing climbing performance
  • Advanced techniques whilst belaying