Rock Monkeys 4

For those who have completed their Level 3 NICAS and have received an invite from a Rock Monkeys Coach.

We have found, through experience, that the optimal age to begin learning to lead, is at the very least, 12 years old. There is no hurry to take part in Rock Monkeys 4 if the candidate is not ready; in these scenarios it is best to speak to a member of staff to find the best possible solution.

Rock Monkeys 4 is where things get really interesting. Under the supervision of our qualified Coaches the candidate will learn how to safely lead climb. Lead climbing provides a new-found freedom and some very rewarding challenges.

It is vital that all parties are fully aware of the new hazards that lead climbing creates and consent to their understanding before they lead climb without the use of a safety rope; therefore, both the parent and young person will need to visit the centre and fill out a special consent form. This form can be found here.

How Much? £12 per session (number of weeks, therefore price per term may vary). Please note these sessions are fixed once booked and are non refundable or transferable.

Instructor ratio? 1:4

Some of the skills that will be covered:

  • Understanding and recognising the dangers of lead climbing and how to minimise them from occurring
  • Practising new skills involved with lead climbing and belaying
  • Building a deep level of experience to keep yourself and your partner safe at all times
  • Using a broad range of mental, physical and tactical techniques to develop your own climbing
  • Gaining detailed knowledge and first-hand use of equipment designed to be used with lead climbing