Rock Monkeys

This is our kids climbing program.

A great activity for kids from 7 to 17yrs old
(although we recommend “Redpoint Youth” for teenagers).

One-Off Sessions
If you just want to give it a try, join a “Rock Monkey Individual” or “Holiday” session.

Term Bookings
If you know you want to come every week book onto the “Rock Monkey 1 & 2“. No experience necessary.

The program follows an nationally accredited award scheme (NICAS) which ensures progession and quality.

Rock Monkey Individual & Holidays

This is a great place to start! Rock Monkey Individual & Holidays are for those who are just wanting to try climbing for a few sessions or maybe they are unable to commit to a full term.

The focus is on fun and confidence building, while teaching a few key skills such as knots and belaying.

How Much? £15 per session

How Long? 1.5 Hours


Wednesday & Friday : 16:30 – 18:00

Saturday & Sunday : 10:30 – 12:00 and 12:30 – 14:00

Over the school holidays we run extra sessions, see online booking above for availability.

Rock Monkeys 1 & 2

This group is all about the grass-roots of climbing. By the time a child has finished our level 1&2 course they will have the skills to use the centre safely and understand how to use all the climbing equipment for top rope climbing.

These are the essential skills that will provide them with a safe and fulfilling climbing career. They will also be able to complete a large number of climbs as they build up their strength and confidence on our wide variety of routes.

When new Rock Monkeys join level 1 & 2 they will need to purchase a NICAS book from our reception. This helps both them and instructors to record their progress.

How Much? £12 per session (number of weeks, and therefore the price, per term may vary). Please note these sessions are fixed once booked and are non refundable or transferable.

Rock Monkeys 3 & 4

It’s best to speak to us before booking onto this block-booked session. Usually these kids have been with us for a while, holding certificates for NICAS Level 1 & 2.

This level 3 focuses on movement skills so a lot of bouldering in this level.

Level 3+ is an extra bolt on we have created to prepare them for the big jump to the next level.

Level 4 is all about Lead Climbing. An advanced and rewarding form of climbing. We will explain leading clearly to all parents before they do this skill without back up top ropes.

For more info and booking of these levels see the buttons below.



For FAQs, please visit the dedicated Rock Monkey FAQ section, by clicking the button below.


During your Rock Monkey career the instructors will ask you to complete quizzes and ask you to do some climbing research. You will find the resources you need here…