Outlines of the Rock Monkey sessions we offer are listed below. Click more info to see all the session’s information and online booking calendar.

  • Rock Monkey Individual / Holiday sessions

RM Individual sessions are for those who are just wanting to try out Rock Monkeys for a few sessions or maybe they are unable to commit to a full term…

  • Rock Monkeys 1 & 2 (block book only)

For those new to Rock Monkeys, or those working towards their levels 1 & 2

This group is all about the grass-roots of climbing. By the time a child has finished our level 1&2 course they will have the skills to use the centre safely…

  • Rock Monkeys 3 & 3+ (block book only)

For those who have completed level 2 NICAS

Rock Monkeys 3 is all about becoming a skilled rock climber. We expect our candidates who are working towards their level 3 to be safe, self-motivated and competent at basic climbing skills….

  • Rock Monkeys 4 (block book only)

For those who have completed level 3 NICAS and have received an invite from a Rock Monkeys Coach

Rock Monkeys 4 is where things get really interesting. Under the supervision of our qualified Coaches the candidate will learn how to safely lead climb….

  • FAQ’s

A list of common questions about our Rock Monkey Sessions…


NICAS, National Indoor Climbing Awards. This UK wide scheme is designed to promote climbing development and accredit individual achievement. It is a great starting point for people wishing to take up climbing. The schemes are open to all candidates aged 7 and upwards.

  • Rock Monkey Resources

During your Rock Monkey Career the instructors will ask you to complete quizzes and ask you to do some climbing research. You will find the resources you need here…