Rock Monkeys

We have a great crew of kids here that are developing into impressive rock climbers and confident young adults.
The program follows an nationally accredited award scheme (NICAS) and is therefore split as follows..

Rock Monkey Individual & Holidays

Not sure you can commit to a full term? No problems.

Rock Monkeys 1 & 2 (block book only)

For those new to Rock Monkeys, or those working towards their levels 1 & 2

Rock Monkeys 3 & 3+ (block book only)

For those who have completed level 2 NICAS

Rock Monkeys 4 (block book only)

For those who have completed level 3 NICAS and have received an invite from a Rock Monkeys Coach


For FAQs, please visit the dedicated Rock Monkey FAQ section, by clicking the button below.


During your Rock Monkey career the instructors will ask you to complete quizzes and ask you to do some climbing research. You will find the resources you need here…