Rock Monkeys

Rock Monkeys is our kids climbing program.

We run one-off and term bookings for anyone from 7yrs old
(although we recommend “Redpoint Youth” for teenagers).

One-Off Sessions
If you just want to give it a try, join a “Rock Monkey Individual” or “Holiday” session.

Term Bookings
If you know you want to come every week book onto the “Rock Monkey 1 & 2“. No experience necessary.

The program follows an nationally accredited award scheme (NICAS) which ensures progession and quality.

Rock Monkey Individual & Holidays

If your kids are new to climbing then these one-off sessions are a great place to start.

The goal of the sessions is to have fun and climb as much as possible. While also drip feeding the skills to becoming a competent and confident rock climber.

If they enjoy these sessions then we’d encourage them to join the block-booked Rock Monkey 1 & 2 below.

Rock Monkeys 1 & 2

These regular sessions give us the time to teach everything we can about climbing.

The kids will be following the NICAS Level 1 & 2 syllabus which focuses on the core skills of roped climbing. Harnesses, knots, belaying along with subtler skills of encouraging their partners and movement.

These are block-booked sessions normally 6 weeks depending on the local school half terms.

No experience is necessary to book on, although most of the kids will have done a Rock Monkey Individual or a Crazy Climb session.

Rock Monkeys 3 & 3+

It’s best to speak to us before booking onto this block-booked session. Usually these kids have been with us for a while, holding certificates for NICAS Level 1 & 2.

This level focuses mainly on movement skills. With all the safety stuff taken care of we can focus on getting them climbing really well.

Rock Climbing is like a mix of gymnastics and dance, requiring technique and strength to climb the hardest routes. Kids can stay at this level for 4 years or more developing into athletes (if they want) before moving to NICAS level 4.

Rock Monkeys 4

This is the block-booked sessions for NICAS Level 4 candidates.

It is invite only and has an age limit of 12 years and above.

This level is dedicated to learning to “lead climb”, which is the most advanced form of climbing we teach.

It basically involves taking the rope with you and clipping it in as you climb.

Before your child “leads” for the first time, we will want to get you in and show you exactly what is involved.


For FAQs, please visit the dedicated Rock Monkey FAQ section, by clicking the button below.


During your Rock Monkey career the instructors will ask you to complete quizzes and ask you to do some climbing research. You will find the resources you need here…