By Invite Only

Redpoint Coaches are on the lookout for young people with the focus, enthusiasm and skills to push their climbing to the highest levels. When we think we have found them we invite them to join our Squad team.

Redpoint Squad works in two ways. Firstly we ask that all members continue with their normal climbing sessions,be it Rock Monkeys or Redpoint Youth or Advanced Monkeys, that way they can develop their standard climbing skills, socialise and learn from a mix of peers. On a weekend they attend our Squad Bouldering sessions, these allow the members to train, learn from each other and enjoy the challenges / joys of climbing together.

By attending a minimum of 4 hours a week Squad Members are building their bodies and minds towards becoming experienced and talented climbers.

Our belief at Redpoint Bristol is to keep things fun and friendly, our ambition is to ensure that all Squad members will still have a joy and talent for climbing long into their adult years, whether they are competing for Great Britain or they just want to play with their friends over a weekend.

If you have any questions or would like further information about Squad sessions please email or call to speak to a friendly member of staff.