Lead Climbing Courses

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So you want to lead? Well there is a lot to learn! There is a massive leap in skills from top-roping to leading and it is obviously a skill best NOT learnt by trial and error! However, once mastered you will wonder how you were ever satisfied as a top-roper.

Lead Climbing courses at Redpoint are run by our most experienced instructors who will cover, as a minimum:

– Advanced basics (knots, etc)
– Risk Awareness
– Clipping Technique
– Lead Belaying
– Dynamic Belaying
– Use of assisted breaking devices (GRIGRIs)

Prerequisites? You must be a competent top-rope belayer, able to climb 5+.

How long?  It is recommended that leading beginners complete 2 x 2.5hour sessions in order to learn and practice the skills for safe lead climbing. However the number of session required may differ depending on experience and skill acquisition.

When? Please contact us to arrange a convenient time for you and your partner

Group size? Lead courses are best booked in pairs. If you do not have a partner to book with contact us, we will try out best to put you in contact with other people wishing to learn to lead.

Cost? £80 per session, prepayment is required to confirm the booking.

What’s included? Entry, equipment and instruction

How to book- Please call 0117 3322 222

If you have any questions or you would like some further information about our Lead Climbing Courses please call to speak to a friendly member of staff.