Fitness Classes

Redpoint Bristol Yoga Fitness

Redpoint Fitness provides a variety of classes to increase your general fitness and well being.
All classes are suitable for both men and women, and all levels of fitness welcome.

Classes are super flexible

Come for just one class or get a membership for unlimited sessions.
You can pre-booked or “drop-in” on a first come first served basis.

Parent Classes

Get fit while your kids are climbing with classes that overlap with Redpoint kid’s sessions.


We are more than just a gym, we are a community of health conscious people looking for fun ways to get fit and be active.

Yoga For Climbers

Yoga Climbers Bristol Redpoint

Yoga compliments climbing perfectly.

It helps you improve your flexibility, balance, core, strength, endurance, breathing and focus.

Every single climber can benefit from these skills. Plus, yoga helps you develop these skills in a way that is gentle and healing to your body while developing or maintaining lean muscles which are ideal for climbing.

No previous experience needed and mats are provided.



Yoga Redpoint Bristol Fitness

We love Yoga!

This Saturday class is Ashtanga Vinyasa flow style, which is a dynamic practice that synchronises breath with movement.

It’s fantastic for building core strength, flexibility and toning of the body, and is a great way to loosen up before a day of hard climbing or whatever the weekend throws at you.

This small group gives lots of opportunity for personal coaching during the sessions.



Pilates Bristol Redpoint

Pilates is a body conditioning method that targets the deep postural muscles.

Building strength from the inside out, promoting core stability and strength.

When climbing, appropriate engagement of your core could make the difference between reaching the last hold or falling at the top.

Pilaties has also proven to help with back pain, unfortunately common for so many of us, particularly if you work at a desk.

Regular training also translates to great abs! Who doesn’t want great abs?!



Suspension Training

Suspention Training Bristol Workout

Suspension training is a versatile variant of gymnastic rings which uses your body weight for resistance.

Exercises are very creative, engaging the stabilizing muscles in so many areas; your core, shoulders, legs, and back, and specific to the requirements of climbing.

It is one of the best ways to protect vulnerable areas like our shoulders, often ignored by traditional weight machines and dumbbell exercises, from getting injured through climbing.

Suspension training has become standard practice among elite climbers such as Adam Ondra and Alex Puccio.



Kettle Bells Bristol Redpoint

Kettlebell training involves quick, explosive motion.

These types of exercises engage your muscles dynamically, at fairly light loads, effectively combining some plyometric concepts with the benefits of lifting weights.

Basically, it’s hard work, great fun and will help you develop the strength of a climbing champion.



Now a few boring rules (just to be sure we are clear with everyone).
Classes are subject to alteration- notice will be given where possible.
Please cancel a class you are booked into if you can’t attend, so others can take your space.
Please discuss any medical condition/ injuries with your instructor. Your participation in the class is at their discretion.
Please arrive 10 minutes before the class starts, warm up is essential, if you arrive late your instructor has the right not to allow you to take part.