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This short introduction will tell you a little bit about the host, our businesses and what we are going to talk about in future episodes.


Episode #1: Bristol Inclusive Thrill Seekers

The first in a little series about inclusivity and diversity in climbing. In this episode Jack speaks to Tom Stabbins about what it takes to set up a charity like BITS from scratch.


Episode #2: Mental Health Boulder Project

In this episode Jack speaks to Pete Bennett about how this project got off the ground, the effect it has had on people’s lives and how someone might set up their own similar project.


Episode #3: Colour Up – Diversity In Climbing

Jack talks to Carlos Casas, the founder of Colour Up Bristol, about the need for these types of groups and how climbing walls can help support them.


Episode #4: Bristol Women Climbers

In this final of the mini series on inclusivity and diversity in climbing, Jack talks to Lorna Potter from Bristol Women Climbers. They discuss the importance of these groups, the benefits of climbing with other women and how men can help make climbing walls less intimidating.


Episode #5: Route Setting

This time Jack is talking to our Head Setter, Cailean Harker, about how to become a route setter and how to create amazing boulders. They also talk about Cailean’s other company, Impact, that runs course for those wanting to get into, or improve their setting, they also take on questions from the public about the mysterious art of putting holds on the wall.


Episode #6: Surviving 2020

Jack Griffiths and Rose Abbott talk about the challenges of the last year and what positives they, and the companies can take forward into the next. A behind the scenes look at how climbing walls have dealt with the pandemic and the support they have received, and given.


Episode #7: Climbing-Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Jack Griffiths talks to Mike Langley about climbing in the Olympics. Mike is a long time commentator on the IFSC world cup climbing circuit and will be working with the BBC on the upcoming Tokyo 2020 (2021). We speak about the format of the competition and what climbing being in the Olympics will mean for the industry and us as climbers.



Lockdown 3.0

Bristol (along side the rest of the UK) is in Lockdown. This means we have had to close our doors once more. 

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